Yoga to Reduce Creatinine Level | Restorative Yoga Asanas for Kidneys

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#YOGA is the Sanskrit word for UNION. It means to unite your body, soul, and mind. Yoga is an ancient technique of detox your body, revives your organs like kidneys, and cleanses your blood. It is the best method to stay healthy and happy forever. Nowadays, yoga becomes everyone’s favorite; people are adopting it to exercise and meditation. Yoga is also useful for a person with weak kidneys and any kidney disease. Kidney patients cannot do vigorous exercise because it increases the level of #creatinine in their blood and harms their kidneys. High creatinine level is a problem that comes with kidney disorders, and you can do yoga to reduce #creatininelevel. You do not need to do hard Yoga poses because it pressurizes your kidney and might increase your problems. The following are some of the restorative Yoga Asanas for kidneys. • Pashmik Yoga Pose • Janu Sirsasana Yoga Pose • Shashanka Yoga Pose • Shailabh Yoga Pose • Dhanur Yoga Pose • Market Yoga Pose • Manduka Yoga Pose • Pawan-Mukta Yoga Pose You should practice these poses of yoga to reduce creatinine level, revive your kidneys, and strengthen your body to conquer against any disease. #Kidney disorders are prevalent these days’ because of the following of the reasons…