Winter Breakfast for Kidney Patients with High Creatinine | Breakfast Diet in Winters 2019

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creatinine levels normal range | treatment of creatinine | kidney disease patients with high creatinine levels Winter is the season of snow, Christmas, New Year, and delicacies. In winter, we all like to eat fish, roasted chicken, sweets, chocolates, or fruits like orange. On one side, where winter comes with delicious foods and New Year, it also brings some problems for kidney patients with high creatinine levels. Yes, in this video, we have mentioned the things that you can eat if your creatinine level is high or you have kidney disease. Kidney patients cannot even taste some of the things that a normal person love to eat. The following are substances that should be avoided by kidney patients, especially in winter. • Potassium • Phosphorus • Phosphate • Protein • Sodium • Calories • Sugar Keep these substances in your mind before buying and cooking anything for kidney patients. In case, if your creatinine level is high, then you should seclude dairy products, fish, and green vegetables from your diet chart. These foods can increase the level of creatine in your blood that is responsible for producing creatinine. The following are the two or three things that you can include in your winter breakfast for kidney patient