Whatch Now ! Suzuki Hayabusa Factory Made India

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Suzuki Hayabusa: Make in India The Hayabusa is Suzuki’s Kohinoor. It is a global icon, revered and respected for the sheer audacity of its original brief and the stretching of the realm of possibilities that resulted from it. Indian motorcyclists have always loved it and since its launch in 2008, the ’Busa has clocked consistent sales numbers despite the arrival of a number of younger superbikes. In recognition of this devotion to the ’Busa, Suzuki Motorcycles India fought and won to get this landmark bike even closer to the Indian motorcyclist. No, it wasn’t easy. Yes, there was resistance, and understandably so. Every manufacturer had steered clear of assembling a hyper-performance motorcycle in India, but eventually the HQ in Japan gave in. We step into the ’Busa’s cosy nest to see how it all comes together.