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Is the cause of itching in the body linked to kidney disease? Did you know that itching can be a symptom of kidney disease or kidney failure? Itching can be linked to kidney diseases. It can be a symptom of chronic kidney diseases at the initial stages. Kidneys filter the waste and toxins from the blood and help other organs in the functioning. But when these pairs of kidneys get affected, then it shows few symptoms, and one of them is related to the dryness of skin and itchy skin. Possibilities are that you maybe are suffering from skin problems, and that is why your skin is itchy. But excess itching can cause problems like sleeping disorders, and because you have sleeping disorders, you might get caught by depression. So with this video, we want you to be aware of a few reasons that can be a reason behind itchy skin and a few tips that can help you in getting rid of itchy skin. In this video, we are sharing four reasons that lead to the condition of itching. Sometimes, a kidney patient who is undergoing dialysis may feel that he has itchy skin. During dialysis, excess fluid is taken out of the body, and only a limited amount of liquid is allowed to consume. It may cause itching as a side effect. Other reasons behind itc