What Causes Constipation, What to DO | क्यों होती है कब्ज | क्या है इसके लक्षण व कारण और कैसे बचे ?

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How to fight constipation in kidney disease? | कब्ज दूर करने के उपाय | kabz kaise dur kare | kabj ka ilaj in hindi Are you aware that constipation can lead you to kidney failure? Or do you know illness is the side of kidney disease? Constipation is a prevalent problem that occurs due to an unhealthy diet, an inactive lifestyle, and kidney disease. Kidneys are the organs that filter wastes from your body and eliminate them with the urine. When the kidney becomes ill or fail, then they cannot remove residues from your body that can be turned into constipation. There are lots of people out there who are suffering from constipation but are not aware of its real causes. Lack of knowledge is the main reason due to which lots of people have lost their lives because of kidney disease. It might not be digestible for you that constipation can lead you to the stage of kidney failure. In case, if you are facing trouble in cleaning your bowel system, then do not ignore it because it can be a sign of kidney failure or disease. In this video, you will get to know about how to fight constipation in kidney disease. On the off chance, you, your friend, or anyone in your family is facing kidney disease and its related problems, then..