Swelling in a Body Result of Kidney Failure or Not | 8 Home Remedies | किडनी सूजन कम करने के 8 उपाय

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Is swelling in the body a sign of kidney failure? Description: You will observe several symptoms during kidney diseases and may get caught by a few complications. But with this video, we will clear the doubts of whether the swelling in the body is a sign of kidney failure or not. During kidney diseases, you will observe symptoms like kidney pain, an abnormal increase in the size of the abdomen, foamy urine, and may lose appetite. But one sign is quite evident, and that is swelling in the body. Swelling in the body is generally known as Edema or Oedema. But were you aware that there can be three reasons why swelling in the body occurs: 1. Glomerulonephritis 2. Interstitial nephritis 3. Pyelonephritis Kidneys are the central organs of the human anatomy playing crucial roles like filtering wastes and toxins in the body. They also help in maintaining a healthy pH balance of plasma. Kidneys perform their functioning with the help of tiny clusters naming “Glomeruli.” These are little filtering agents of kidneys, but when the human body gets caught by foreign bacteria and chemicals, these units are among the first parts of kidneys to get damaged. Swelling in kidneys may lead to the medical condition of kidney failure. Because..