Kidney Patient Should eat an Egg or not? | अंडे का सिर्फ सफ़ेद भाग खा सकते है किडनी रोगी

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#Eggs are the best sources of protein. The three Ps, phosphorus, protein, and potassium, are restricted to consume during kidney diseases. But eggs are rich in all these three Ps, so in such a case, he/she should avoid consuming the egg yolk during kidney diseases, but they can eat egg white with the recommendation of a certified nephrologist only. #Kidney_diseases that can become life-threatening if the necessary precautions are neglected. It is essential to follow a renal diet chart provided by the dietitian as a treatment. With this video, we want you to know that why we as kidney disease treatment providers do not support the consumption of egg yolk or अंडे की जर्दी. First: Egg yolks are high in phosphorus, which is restricted to consume because of the already elevated levels in the blood. Second: Egg yolks are the great source of tri-me-phyla-amine n-oxide that progresses the condition of #CKD. Third: Egg yolks boost cholesterol levels in the blood. It is not suitable for patients who are undergoing dialysis as it can increase the complications. Book an Appointment: Helpline Number: 011-4777-2777 WhatsApp us: +91-9871712050 Website :