Kidney Failure in Elderly Adults | क्यों बुजुर्गो में हो जाती है किडनी 50% तक खराब | Kidney Damage

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Smoking, drinking alcohol, and consumption of drugs can damage your kidneys and lead you to the stage of kidney failure. In this situation, you need a treatment that not only suppresses the symptoms of the disease. But, provide you with complete kidney disease remission. If we talk about chronic kidney disease in senior citizens, then watch the video till the end. In this video, we have mentioned the tips and tricks that you can use to keep your kidney healthy. The problem of kidney disease or feeble kidneys is prevalent in people who are above 50. It is because their organs are feeble and any type of pressure on them can cause damage. If you are more than 50, then it is better to follow the following tips.