Is Spicy Food Good for Kidney or Not and Diet Plan For Kidney Patient

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Is spicy food harmful to the kidney? | Add these Fruit and Vegetables in Your Daily Diet for Healthy Kidney. Lots of people like to eat spicy food that disturbs them. Is spicy food an addiction? Yes, the urge to eat spicy food can be an addiction that might cause various health ailments. In this video, you will get to know the side effects of eating spicy food with #kidneydisease. Kidneys are the organs that are designed to sift and excrete wastes from your body with the urine. Also, kidneys work to produce the hormones that are vital for the production of red blood cells, and to control your high blood pressure. Kidney diseases are very common these days due to some health ailments and an unhealthy diet. Ten in eight people like to eat spicy foods without knowing that it can turn harmful to the kidneys. In case, if you have been suffering from kidney disease, then do not eat spicy food that can increase your health problems. The following are the health ailments that occur due to eating spicy foods. 1. Gastritis and its symptoms are nausea, weak digestion, bloating, burning in the stomach, hiccups, or loss of appetite. 2. Acid reflux is a disease that occurs due to spicy foods, and its symptoms are bloating, vomiting, burpin