Is Fish Good for Kidney Patients? | In Kidney Disease, Can Patient consume Fish Food Yes or No?

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#Fish is a high source of protein and omega-three fatty acids. Both are essential and beneficial for your body, but not for kidney patients. Yes, fish is healthy for a person with disease-free kidneys. Also, the patients who are on dialysis can eat fish because they need a high quantity of protein. Why you need protein? • Reduces appetite • Increases muscle mass • Strengthen bones • Boosts metabolism • Decrease high blood pressure • Helpful in maintaining weight loss • Good for skin, hair, and nails On one side, protein is essential to keep your body healthy. On the other hand, a high amount of #protein in your body can increase the risk of getting the following of the health ailments, especially when your kidney is ill. • Increase blood sugar level • Obesity • Thyroid • Proteinuria • Kidney failure • Constipation • Bad breath • Diarrhea • Dehydration • Cancer • Heart disease Your kidneys work to filter and excrete unimportant substances from your body with the urine. Protein is one of the elements that your kidneys removed when it is high in your body. The diseased kidney cannot perform well, which is why kidney patients need to seclude some of the following nutrients from their diet. • Protein • Sodium