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The drinks a person with Proteinuria problem can consume – #Proteinuria happens when the kidneys are not healthy enough to hold the protein to not leak out through urine. Protein is vital for our overall health. Albumin is a protein in the blood which is profitable for the strong bones and muscles. Healthy #kidneys work to filter and eliminate extra fluid and waste materials from the blood. Kidneys also work on to maintain the flow of protein and important nutrients in the blood. When the kidneys are not healthy enough to not eliminate albumin protein through urine, the condition is known as protein leakage and protein loss. When the protein leaks out through urine is also is known as Proteinuria or #Albuminuria and its also can be a sign of the nephrotic syndrome. The three main causes of Proteinuria are- 1. Diabetes, 2. High Blood Pressure, and 3. Kidney Disease Following are the symptoms of Proteinuria or Protein Loss 1. Foamy or bubbly urine 2. Problem in urination 3. Frequent or less urine 4. Swelling in the lower body 5. Weakness