Can Kidney Function Be Cured After Dialysis? | क्या डायलिसिस के बाद किडनी को ठीक किया जा सकता है?

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“Health is a relationship between you and your body.” Nowadays, staying healthy and fit is like a tall order for every one of us. We rarely think before eating all the junk and continuously polluting this body. The nutrition, the exercise, the lifestyle; we are paying no absolute attention to any of this. Also, many healthy habits have become swank for a generation. Self-love and health care have to be the first preference of the human. This channel talks about the ways one can prevent minor or major issues related to the kidneys, as it is one very significant organ of the body. Carelessness towards #kidneys and the body may lead a person to a situation like a dialysis or a kidney transplant. This video zooms in on the fact that if kidneys function can be restored after dialysis. The kidney filters the blood in a living body. Along with it, the kidney maintains the fluid balance inside the body and also plays a role in making the bones healthy. Our lifestyle has hit the health of kidneys hard and generates certain symptoms such as back pain, headache, fever, swelling, vomiting, and problems related to urine and urinary tract. In allopathy, doctors suggest dialysis when they see kidneys’ function going out of order…