11 Worst Foods for Kidney Patients | #worstfoodforkidneys | Avoid these Vegetables & Fruits in Diet

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What not to eat when you have kidney disease? Not everything is suitable for everyone. Yes, if your friend does not feel the pain of eating spicy foods, it doesn’t mean you can also digest it. For instance, the diet of every kidney patient is different from each other because of their body type, illness, and medications. In our YouTube channel, we talk about things correlated with the kidneys like diseases, causes, symptoms, prevention, treatment, and diet. In today’s video, we talk about what not to eat when you have kidney disease. The diet plan of a kidney patient is very different in the comparison of a healthy person. Kidney patients need to sacrifice their cravings and favorite foods because that might not be healthy for them. The following are the ten foods that should not be eaten by kidney patients due to the reason of high potassium, protein, phosphorus, Vitamin K, and sodium level. 1. Orange and orange juice 2. Avocados 3. Frozen foods 4. Mayonnaise 5. Kiwi 6. Litchi 7. Banana 8. Strawberry 9. Beetroot 10. Green leafy vegetables Always keep one thing in your mind that does not include or exclude anything from the diet of kidney patients without taking advice from their doctor. The dietary plan of a ..