चीजें जो पहुंचाती है किडनी को नुकसान | What Cause Kidney Damage

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#Kidneydisease is a silent killer, which can inaudibly affect the quality of your life. These can be caused due to several disorders or health conditions. If this disorder does not get timely treatment, then it can turn lethal for you and your health. Once the kidney disorder transpires, you may prescribe dialysis and surgery by your doctor to keep your kidneys fit. In fact, chronic kidney disease is a major public concern, and around 14% of the total world population is facing this health disorder. Every year, this number is gradual increases, and this is happening because of the unawareness of the precautions of kidney disorder. #CKD often goes undetected until it reaches to the advance stage. It can be diagnosed easily with some imaging to lab tests that can be very helpful in slowing the progression of this disorder. However, there are several ways to protect your kidneys from being damaged. You can say that prevention is always better than cure. So you can prevent your kidneys from being further damaged by following some easy and kidney-friendly tips. In this video, you are going to see the detailed information about those healthy and kidney-friendly tips.