किडनी रोगी फूलगोभी खा सकते है या नहीं | Cauliflower for Kidney | Vegetables for Kidney Patients

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Cauliflower/गोभी is a vegetable and its head is commonly eaten as food or in the form of medicine. It is an antioxidant that increases the output of urine and prevents problems like anemia, menopause, scurvy, and weight loss, bladder cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, lung cancer, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, osteoporosis, and prostate cancer. But, if you think to include cauliflower in the diet of a kidney patient, then stop. Cauliflower/गोभी is not considered healthy for those whose kidneys are ill or failed. Cauliflower is a type of those vegetables that chemicals to help the body get rid of components from food or the environment. That is why this vegetable is beneficial for a person who is suffering from any cancer.