Fruits and Vegetable Diet for Kidney Patients | Kidney Diet for Your Kids | Diet Plan in Hindi

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Children are no exception from kidney disease. Sadly, but about 5% of the total population of kidney disease patients are children. #Kidney disease patients are essentially required to follow a strict diet to maintain their health. But a strict diet for children where many significant food items are excluded from their diet may affect their health and growth both. Kids require a separate diet, in which, there should be alternatives for every nutrient, mineral, and vitamins so that they do not lack any of them and do become weaker with the age. The purpose of this video is to suggest a few dietary tips to you about how you can make essential changes in your kid’s #diet without compromising on their physical and mental growth and their health. Kids with kidney disease have different dietary requirements and they should be provided with them in consultation with your doctor or dieticians only. It is hard to compromise with the taste of the food in children’s diets. Junk foods, processed food items should be strictly avoided by kids with kidney disease. Moreover, milk and dairy products are rich in phosphorus and very important for their growth but you should consult your doctor before you include them in your children’s diet..